If you have a great supporting practitioner, may it be in massage, a reflexology, healing , yoga, meditation, …you may have noticed that having regular sessions is highly nourishing and effective in helping you reach a state of more wellness.

The first time you meet a practitioner and have a treatment you are building bridges of trust and good communication; checking if the person and what they are offering is right for you.
The second session tends to go deeper and achieve outcomes quicker. The flow of communication already created appears to increase ease and treatment effectivity.
Subsequent sessions based in this trust of non judgemental support and effectiveness bring home the realisation that your are being authentically suported in your aims and direction and that you are welcome to have the confidence to change these as you change your perception.

I have witnessed clients change, be more rested and happier and more pain free, not only from the bodywork but also from the continued affirmation that it is ok to take care of themselves and that it is ok for them to be who they are. This is life affirming.

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